Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery

Spokane Oral Surgery

Cascade Dental Care of Spokane is proud to offer quality oral surgery services. If you think you may need to undergo oral surgery procedures (wisdom tooth removal, bone graft placement, ridge preservation, etc.) the team of oral surgeons at Cascade Dental Care is ready to help. Our oral surgery team will provide you with the services you need. Our dental clinic has more than five decades’ worth of oral surgery experience, and can help optimize your comfort levels with general anesthesia and professional care. Get in touch with us if you live in our around Spokane and in need of quality oral surgery services.

Oral surgery is comprised of all sorts of dental treatments, all of which are intended to enhance the health, appearance, and function of your mouth, as well as the structures surrounding it (for instance, your jaw). We will always strive to offer the best conservative treatment we can. However, oral surgery might be required to correct specific conditions, as well as improve your overall health. Here’s what oral surgery might involve:

  • Teeth extractions (for a tooth that has become damaged, infected, or decayed – to the extent that effective restoration isn’t possible).
  • Wisdom tooth removal (for a wisdom tooth that has either grown at incorrect angles or are impacted).
  • Jaw surgery (for the sake of treating TMJ disorders, to adjust the way dentures fit, or to rectify unbalanced jaw growth).
  • Bone grafts (for the sake of increasing bone density or improving the odds of a dental implant’s success).

Although we offer several dental surgery treatments inside our clinic, we work alongside local oral specialists and surgeons, too, in order to make sure that you obtain the results you are entitled to. The dentist will meticulously assess your mouth, as well as your dental requirements, to establish if oral surgery will be the best treatment option for you.

Spokane Oral Surgery – Same Day Service Available

We’ll make sure that the surgical procedure will be comfortable for you. Get in touch with us if you want more information about dental surgery, or to book a consultation!

Contact us today by calling the South Office: 509-536-5360 or North Office: 509-466-9638. Feel free to call and ask us any questions about oral surgery. Our staff of dental practitioners will be happy to respond and give you more insight into whatever you’re concerned about.

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