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Bruxism – What Is It?

Bruxism can be described as a condition involving the clenching, gnashing, or grinding of teeth – particularly during sleep. Those who suffer from sleep bruxism will likely experience various other disorders that are related to sleep, including sleep apnea and snoring.

Several women, men, and children experience sleepless nights because of bruxism, which tends to have some sort of emotional link. It may be symptomatic of stress, frustration, anxiety, or anger. When some people are deep in concentration, they may also inadvertently grind their own teeth.

Recent studies have pointed out a connection that lies between tobacco/alcohol use and bruxism. Heavy drinkers and smokers are two times more likely to start grinding their teeth.

Am I a Teeth Grinder?

A majority of people do not even know that they are suffering from bruxism. That is because it transpires as they sleep. However, there are a number of signs to be mindful of that indicate your obliviousness to teeth grinding:

  • Worn out tooth enamel.
  • Tooth sensitivity or pain.
  • Sleep disruption.
  • Fractured or loose teeth.
  • Flattened teeth.
  • Jaw, neck, or face pain.
  • Dull headaches.

If any of the symptoms are things you experience – particularly upon waking up each morning – then you might benefit from using night guards. Bruxism is capable of wearing down teeth. It can also result in neck and jaw pain, headaches, and restorative dental damage.

What Makes Night Guards so Important?

A night guard can prevent your teeth surfaces from rubbing up against each other when you’re sleeping. There are several advantages of using a night guard that is professionally fitted rather than the kind you can buy on store shelves.

Our staff creates customized night guards using molds of a patient’s teeth. A customized fit allows the night guard to be more effective and comfortable. The dentist will take your jaw alinement into consideration when a night guard is being fitted for you, ensuring that you won’t be putting unnecessary stress on any joints.

Custom night guards also happen to be a worthwhile investment. While drugstore mouth guards might be less expensive, a professional night guard will be made with better quality materials, and therefore, be much more durable. In fact, they’re developed to last for up to ten years, making them very cost-effective, much more so than a drugstore mouth guard.

Book an exam with our North Spokane or South Hill dental office today and learn if your sensitivity and pain is being caused by grinding your teeth. South Hill Dental Office: 509-536-5360 or North Spokane Office.

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