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Cascade Dental Care understands the stress of having to choose a dentist in an unexpected emergency dental situation as well as how central finances are to the sudden decisions that must be made when emergency care is needed. Our priority is providing our dental emergency clients with a positive experience focused on calm, care, and comfort. One that is free of blame or lectures. If you are having a dental emergency, call us right now and we will see you the same day as soon as possible.

We provide a number of emergency dental services at both our North and South Hill Spokane locations. These include:

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Oral Surgeries

With a focus on providing comfortable care and optimal dental health to all our patients, there a times when we recommend oral surgery. In cases where gum disease, broken or cracked teeth, decay, or trauma have rendered attempts to save a tooth ineffective, a surgical extraction may be the best option.


A dental extraction is what is often referred to as “having a tooth pulled.” Cascade Dental Care puts the priority during all extractions on your comfort. If a tooth is so damaged or decayed that restoration is impractical or even impossible, extraction prevents an abscess and future infection.

In most cases, one of our dentists will perform a routine extraction. This is one where the tooth is gripped and gently loosened until it can be removed without removing any other tissue.

In some cases, surgical extractions are required in order to remove bone to allow the tooth to be fully removed. This type of extraction is most common with Wisdom Teeth.

Endodontics (Saving Teeth)

Endodontics is the branch of dentistry focused on treating the pulp or soft tissue inside a tooth in an effort to save it following an infection or injury. Cascade Dental Care provides a variety of endodontic procedures that include treating trauma (broken, chipped, or knocked tooth), pulp infections, root canals, and even at times treating the bone surrounding a damaged tooth.

Due to the complexity of the nerves in the mouth, endodontists are specially trained to help identify the underlying cause of the pain and treat it appropriately. A root canal is a procedure that endodontists use to remove all of the infection from the inside of a tooth. In normal cases, the internal canals of a tooth are protected by enamel. However, decay and trauma can allow infection to get inside.

At Cascade Dental Care, we understand that many people have heard about how painful root canals can be. The truth is that there have been tremendous advancements in endodontics over the past several years that allow us to make your experience completely comfortable and pain free, which remains our #1 priority at all times.

Cascade Dental Care Spokane can help in emergency dental situations. You can book a same day appointment at either of our locations. To book at our North Office, call 509-466-9638. To book an appointment at our South Hill Office, call 509-536-5360. Most Insurances Accepted.

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