Dental Crowns in Spokane

Dental Crowns Services In Spokane

A dental crown can protect and restore damaged teeth, improving the overall look of them. Cascade Dental Care offers a variety of dental crown services with experience in creating personalized tooth crowns – ones that have an attractive and natural look. Such crowns don’t reveal black lines around your gums. Also, the crowns that are developed at our dental office are resistant to stains, last for a long time, and are very durable.

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Crowns can be quite convenient when a major area of your tooth’s surface becomes damaged, especially when the root system of the tooth remains healthy and intact. Cascade Dental Care might suggest a tooth crown for a number of reasons, including the following:

  • To restore discolored or misshapen teeth.

  • To restore broken or cracked teeth.

  • To safeguard weak teeth that could potentially fracture.

  • To cover up dental implants.

  • To connect dental bridges.

  • To restore teeth with missing or broken dental fillings.

  • To restore teeth after receiving a root canal.

  • To rebuild teeth that have worn edges.

A dental crown can address both functionality and aesthetics, as opposed to a veneer, which is more suitable for cosmetic imperfections. A crown can strengthen your tooth and improve its look, accommodating its color and shape.

To start the process of restoration, Cascade Dental Care will first take a tooth impression in order to customize a dental crown for you. As this permanent crown gets fabricated, you’ll wear a short-term crown, allowing you to confidently smile in the meantime.

Once the crown is ready, you’ll return to Cascade’s office so that it can be permanently placed. Our friendly and talented dental team will make sure that it fits properly and looks good. Afterward, your dental crown will be applied with a unique dental cement, bonding the tooth to your crown.

Cascade Dental Care of Spokane has extensive training and expertise when it comes to tooth reconstruction and dental crowns. As such, we are capable of providing you with a dental crown that blends in with the existing shade your teeth have. This will not only strengthen your smile – it will make it more attractive, too.

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