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Spokane Bioliners

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If your teeth’s alignment has slight imperfections, think about getting dental Bioliners. These small aligners are made of ultra-transparent plastic (0.030 mm), a soft plastic thermal insert, and a sucking-down retainer. While Bioliners are ideal for moderately misaligned teeth, they aren’t enough to correct extreme misalignments. Book an appointment today with our dental clinic for more information about Bioliners.

Bioliners: How Do They Work?

Bioliners effectively correct minor relapse and crowding alignments. Our dentist will initially take a tooth impression, then send it to the lab, where your customized inserts will be fabricated. A plastic thermal insert will be fitted over affected teeth, mildly exerting enough pressure to push teeth into alignment. In comparison to Invisalign or traditional braces, you only need to wear Bioliners for about 4 to 6 weeks in order to accomplish the results desired. This device is capable of moving teeth by as much as 1.5 mm. In fact, Bioliners are capable of correcting rotated teeth, crooked teeth, gaps, spaces, and minor overcrowding. Treatment is broken down into a couple of stages, first using silicone inserts, then with inserts that are more rigid in order to finalize movement.

Where to Get Bioliners in the City of Spokane

There are no shortages of options out there these days when it comes to teeth correction. Many options are at your disposal when it comes to misalignment issues, including overcrowding and gaps. A dentist will collaborate with you for the sake of determining which corrective solution will be best for you. Bioliners happen to work much faster and aren’t as expensive as Invisalign transparent aligners. If you’re interested in Bioliners, book a consultation with us today. We will go over what your options are.

Contact us today by calling the South Hill Office: 509-536-5360 or North Office: 509-466-9638. Feel free to call and ask us any questions about getting Bioliners in Spokane. Our staff of dental practitioners will be happy to respond and give you more insight into whatever you’re concerned about.

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