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When trauma or decay have robbed you of your smile and the confidence that comes along with it, Cascade Dental Care can help. We understand how important a fully functioning set of teeth is to your optimal dental health as well as one of your best assets: your smile. We take great pride in offering a variety of restorative dental services with the same compassion and care you’ve come to trust us to provide.

Our Restorative Dental Services Include:

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You may be tempted to be ashamed to admit you need a filling, but take it from us, most people need at least one tooth filled during their lifetime. A filling is the most common dental procedure to treat a cavity. However, that’s not all they are used for. Fillings can also be used to repair teeth damaged from cracks, trauma, or that have just been worn down from use.

Cavities make teeth sensitive. We get it! With a focus on providing you comfort care that gets you to optimal dental health, Cascade Dental Care dentists and assistants will go out of their way to answer all your questions, alleviate any anxiety you may be feeling, and make sure you are completely numb and comfortable before removing any decay or otherwise working on a tooth in need of a filling.

Inlays & Onlays

Often called an “indirect filling,” an inlay is another option for repairing a tooth that is too damaged to hold a traditional filling yet doesn’t need an entire crown. Cascade Dental Care most often recommends this procedure for teeth that have been chipped or cracked.

Inlays are not quite as expensive as a full crown, yet they offer far greater strength than a normal filling. Inlays typically allow a tooth to retain ~75% of its original strength where traditional fillings only retain ~50%. This additional strength has been shown to significantly increase the longevity of restored teeth.


Cascade Dental Care uses dental crowns as a way to “cap” or protect the outside of teeth that have been damaged to the point that their integrity is compromised. In cases where a tooth has severe decay, a fracture, or experienced a root canal, the is usually weakened to the point it will deteriorate from day to day use. A crown can provide such teeth with the needed protection so that it can continue to function normally.

A crown will encase your tooth entirely. This provides the tooth complete protection while you chew and talk like normal. The crown will be molded and crafted in a dental lab based upon your tooth so that it’s a perfect fit. A perfect fit is essential to ensure healthy jaw alignment and a proper bite.

Typically, crowns are used to treat teeth that have experienced decay, were broken or cracked, have become discolored due to trauma, had a root canal treatment, need to be used to provide an anchor for a bridge, or they are simply placed on top of a dental implant that has replaced the original tooth.


A bridge is a dental procedure designed to fill the gap created by a missing tooth. This is one of the most common dental procedures used to correct a gap caused by a tooth extraction. There are different kinds of dental bridges, but most traditional bridges are made up of two crowns linked together by a false tooth or pontic. In this way, the teeth neighboring the gap will act as an anchor for the false tooth that fills the gap.

Some of the major benefits of having a dental bridge are the restored ability to speak and chew normally, restore the appearance of your smile, properly distribute the force of your bite, and help your remaining teeth from shifting out of position.

In some cases, a different type of bridge is required. This can be because the missing tooth is in a location where there are not teeth on both sides. Our team will make careful evaluations and recommendations on the types of bridges and restorative services. We understand the stress and anxiety that come along with dental procedures like this and will do everything we can to make the experience as calm and positive as possible.


Sometimes, when problems with teeth worsen and teeth start to fail, a very good option to consider is dentures. Your new removable prosthetic dentures will look like natural teeth! There are options to replace the upper or lower jaw or even both if your dentist recommends it.

If you have questions about dentures, click the link above or give our office a call to discuss the benefits today.

Cascade Dental Care can help you regain your confidence by restoring your smile. Book a same day appointment at either of our Spokane locations. Call our North Spokane Office at 509-466-9638, or book an appointment at our South Hill Office at 509-536-5360. Most Insurances Accepted.

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